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[tabswrap] [tabhead id=”1″ class=””] Williamsburg [/tabhead] [tabhead id=”2″ class=””] Park Slope [/tabhead] [tabhead id=”3″ class=””] Greenwood Heights [/tabhead] [tabhead_last id=”4″ class=””] Sunset Park [/tabhead_last] [tab id=”1″ class=””] Williamsburg This warehouse-filled, once industrial area now has a thriving arts and music scene, stellar restaurants, and some of the city’s most interesting shopping. This is now what Greenwich Village used to be – including the artsy scene complete with eclectic galleries and off-beat bars. Take L train from Manhattan to Bedford or Lorimer. The closest water taxi stop is “North Williamsburg” via the East River Ferry. [imageeffect type=”none” align=”alignleft” width=”600″ alt=”” url=”/images/williamsburg_map.jpg” ] [/tab] [tab id=”2″ class=””] Park Slope features historic buildings, top-rated restaurants, bars, and shops, as well as proximity to Prospect Park. Park Slope is considered one of New York City’s most desirable neighborhoods. In 2010, it was ranked number 1 in New York by New York Magazine citing its quality public schools, dining, nightlife, shopping, access to public transit, green space, quality housing, safety. In December 2006, Natural Home magazine named Park Slope one of America’s ten best neighborhoods based on criteria including parks, green spaces and neigh-borhood gathering spaces; farmer’s markets and community gardens; public transportation and locally owned businesses; and environmental and social policy.The neighborhood is 20 minutes to Manhattan served by the New York City Subway and 10 minutes by driving. The IND Culver Line (F G trains). The IRT Eastern Parkway Line (2 3 4 5 trains), The BMT Fourth Avenue Line (D N R trains. The BMT Brighton Line (B Q trains) also passes through the neighborhood, the stations at Atlantic Avenue are connected with LIRR Long Island Railroad. [imageeffect type=”none” align=”alignleft” width=”600″ alt=”” url=”/images/parkslope_map.jpg” ] [/tab] [tab id=”3″ class=””] Greenwood Heights is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn that takes part of its name from the neighborhood proximity to the Green-Wood Cemetery. Recent new real estate development curbed with has brought an influx of luxury condominium apartments. [imageeffect type=”none” align=”alignleft” width=”600″ alt=”” url=”/images/greenwood_map.jpg” ] [/tab] [tab id=”4″ class=””] Sunset Park encompasses a large stretch of Brooklyn’s East River waterfront, In recent years, the Sunset Park waterfront has experi-enced a resurgence of industry, including warehousing and light manufacturing. It is now one of the city’s six designated Significant Maritime Industrial Areas (SMIAs). Waves of immigration have also contributed to making Sunset Park the dynamic neighbor-hood it is today. Over the next 10-to-20 years, Sunset Park faces the potential for many changes. It is targeted for City and State projects such as a container port, a cross-harbor rail freight tunnel, a waterfront park, and possible reconstruction or tunneling of the Gowanus Expressway. In addition, the neighborhood faces increasing pressure from rising housing costs caused by the gentrification of surrounding areas, particularly to the north. Sunset Park is convenient to Manhattan just in 25 minutes, the extensively served by road, rail, and ferryservice. The neighborhood has access to three limited-access highways; the Gowanus/Interstate 278 and Prospect/NY-27 expressways as well as the Belt Parkway. Five NYCTA bus lines serve Sunset Park: B9, B11, B35, B63, and B70. Three subway lines run through Sunset Park. The BMT Fourth Avenue Line (D N R). The BMT West End Line (D). The BMT Sea Beach Line (N). [imageeffect type=”none” align=”alignleft” width=”600″ alt=”” url=”/images/sunsetpark_map.jpg” ][/tab] [/tabswrap]